Music has always been the connecting thread interwoven into the tapestry of my life.  Its composition, teaching, and performance have all made for many special moments.

Family memories are often music memories of my grandmother's singing old standards, early folk songs, or made-up ditties.  Daddy's harmonica waltzes and guitar accompaniment come to mind and his leading our family band, The Roadrunners, with guitar picker Noel Lovett (at one time a player with Bill Monroe).  I married a musician--Gary--now a recording engineer, owner of Red Nickel Records,  and our greatest help.  

But the biggest musical influence in my life is my brother Larry, a composer and musical inspiration.  He helped me discover my musical voice and my fondness for the bass when I was a teenager. What began long ago has come in and out and back into our lives as the band LJ--our musical entity and identity.

Through the years I have drifted from and eventually returned to music.  I taught music, mainly beginner and intermediate guitar, from 1996 through 2003.  I have enjoyed experience in the studio through the work of my husband Gary, and my brother Larry and I have performed through the years as LJ.

Life has been an interesting soundtrack so far.
The following sites represent some of my  
musical connections and projects.
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