Writing Projects
Do you want a history or promotional brochure written for
your facility, tourist spot, business, or organization?   

I have written about state parks and other scenic
destinations, research facilities, towns, cemeteries, historical
events and characters, recreation history, and family history.

Recent writing projects include researching and preparing histories for
the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Cultural Resources Division:
My book on the backroads of Comal County and early tourism
in the Hill Country has been published by Texas Christian University Press.

Hill Country Backroads:  Showing the Way in Comal County
Early motoring and recreation history in Texas:

"Take the...what? Road" View Magazine, (Summer Quarterly 1989)
"Comal Post 179 'showed the way' through Hill Country in 1930s" The Legion Times (Nov.1991)
"The Golden Age of Motoring" Texas Highways (July 2002)
The New Handbook of Texas:

Authored more than 50 entries in this 6-volume print and online Texas encyclopedia, as well as many articles in its spin-off publication, The Handbook of Texas Music.  Various topics cover wildlife, towns, biographies, physical features, and musical events and genres.
Articles include: "Aberdeen-Angus Cattle," "Blanco River," "Cave Without a Name," "Sarita Kenedy East," "Kendalia, Texas," and "Landa Park," "Samuel James Lucchese," "Texas Department of Public Safety," "South by Southwest," and "Rock-n-Roll."
Click here to see individual articles by Laurie E. Jasinski in The Handbook of Texas Online.
Coauthored articles on historical astronomy with Donald W. Olson:

"A Fatal Full Moon:  Stonewall Jackson At Chancellorsville"
Blue & Gray (Spring 1996)
"Northern Lights in Southern Skies" The Journal of South Texas (1998)
"Abe Lincoln and the Leonids" Sky & Telescope (Nov. 1999)
"The Leonid Meteors:  Showers of Light" Texas Highways (Nov. 1999)
"Aurora Borealis:  Northern Lights in Southern Skies"
Texas Highways (Mar. 2001)
"Starlight, Starbright..." Texas Highways (Aug. 2002)
"Abraham Lincoln's Celestial Connections" Sky & Telescope (Mar. 2009)
Gardening---Texas Gardener magazine:

"Schoolhouse Lilies: Tried, True"  (Sept./Oct. 1991)
"Bonsai With a Texas Twist" (Nov./Dec. 1993)
"New Braunfels Rose Conservatory: A Living Legacy" (Nov./Dec. 1995)
"The Little Elms That Could" (Sept./Oct. 2002)
Scenic Texas destinations:

"Spring Power," (Cypress Creek in Wimberley, TX),
Texas Parks & Wildlife (Aug. 1990)
"Claiborne Kyle Log House" in "Speaking of Texas" column for Texas Highways, (Aug. 1996)
"Panna Maria: 150 Years of Polish Heritage," Texas Highways (Dec. 2004)
"The Dinosaur Highway"   Texas Highways, (June 2009)
Texas history (incl. oral history and family history):

"Sophienburg Archives at New Braunfels, Texas," German American Genealogy (Spring 1992)
"Memories of Early Sarita," The Journal of South Texas (1993)
"Trying Time:  Victoria During the Great Spanish Influenza Epidemic," The Journal of South Texas (Spring 1996)
"Life on the Kenedy Ranch a Hundred Years Ago," Texas Highways (July 2004)
Below is a partial list of my publications grouped according to subject.
Freelance contributor to journals and popular magazines including:

Texas Highways
Texas Gardener
Sky & Telescope
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Blue & Gray
The Journal of South Texas
German American Genealogy

"A History of Lake Bob Sandlin State Park" 
"Land of Great Promise: A History of Fairfield Lake State Park"
"A History of Martin Dies, Jr. State Park"
"The Fire of Memory:  A History of Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site"
"The Harvest, the Hunt, and the Hoedown:
A History of Cooper Lake State Park"
"Trackways and Memories: A History of Dinosaur Valley State Park"
has become my latest book--Dinosaur Highway!
My latest feature co-authored with Don Olson helped to celebrate the Lincoln Centennial!
View Sky & Telescope's site for their coverage!
Glen Rose, Texas, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first discovery of its dinosaur tracks!  Read my article in
Texas Highways (June 2009)!