Dancing Dinosaurs

Copyright 2007 Novella Wilson.  All Rights Reserved.
The dancing dinosaurs drawing was created by Glen Rose artist and historian Novella Wilson.  In May 2007, Novella (at 90 years young), inspired by the ballad of "The Dinosaur Waltz," written for Dinosaur Highway: A History of Dinosaur Valley State Park, sketched this drawing especially for the song.

She patterned the waltzing brontosaur after a series of Glen Rose dinosaur postcards that she created many years earlier.  Some of these postcards are still for sale in area shops.  Her drawing helps bring the story to life--a whimsical tale of dinosaurs that dance the night away.

Novella Wilson devoted many years to art, mainly oil paintings, and she taught art classes at her home studio into 2008.  She was also a conscientious historian and contributed invaluable research and writings about the area where she grew up.  Her work and steady support provided some of my best help to complete Dinosaur Highway. This project has been a very special collaboration.

Novella  was a special friend, and I am proud to have known her.  We made some fun memories together.  In this great big world, it's rare for two lives to overlap.  I'm so glad that ours did--for I'm the richer for it.  Novella Wilson passed away on July 3, 2010.  She leaves a wonderful legacy of history, art, and most of all love.